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W3R1 giving me some issues

I have been attempting this run twice now and have failed twice second time being worse than the last. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to try week 2 again or should I keep at this one? The big issue I am having is by the time the 3rd or 4th run interval comes up I am either get intense pain in my legs and ankles or I run out of breath. Any advice?

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Becoming a runner after being less active will almost inevitably lead to some pains and niggles in the first few weeks. If these are minor, try to run through them. If they are intense, then you may have injured yourself. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation are your friends.

If the symptoms persist then you have a problem that needs addressing. Are you wearing running shoes? If so, then maybe you need to consult a GP or Physio. The pain is nothing to do with W3, so going back to W2 is unlikely to solve the problem.

If you are running out of breath, you are simply going too fast for your current state of fitness. Have a rest day and try again, but slower.


Slow down!!!!!! You hear this a lot on this forum but it's correct, when I first started and heard this I thought "what do they know", I'm me, I know me better than them! In my limited experience I have come to the conclusion that they were right. Slow and steady!

Enjoy your running,

Onward and upwards!!!


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