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Having a break 😞

Hi all,

I've decided this week to have a break from c25k until I get my shins sorted. It's gotten to the point where they're hurting even when I'm walking (outside of my runs).

I'm going to make an appointment at the doctors and see what they suggest. If they say it's fine and isn't likely to cause a problem then I'll start back up from week 3.

If it's going to take a while for recovery then I'll probably start up from scratch.

It's just so irritating because I was really starting to enjoy running and was starting to see and feel the benefits 😞

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That's a shame for you Charlotte. I got rid of my shin problems by buying a proper pair of running shoes after getting my gait analysed. A bit expensive but it did the trick.

I know it may be out of some people's reach but I was very lucky to have a bit of birthday money.

I hope you get it sorted anyway :)

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Good decision... and the runs will still be there.. as will we :) Get it checked and see where you go from there.

We expect some aches and pains when starting but if it is not going and it is clearly affecting your walking too... then it needs following up... Keep us posted please ?

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I relate. I had shin splints and didn't run for 6 months - too long! I started running again this April and whilst the shins still tingled a bit, I got rid of the shin splints by just running through it. But that was only after about 6 months of rest first.


TiredOldMan, I spent a bit on some decent Asics as they had extra support etc but obviously only managed to do a couple of runs in them. They were more comfortable but I'm going to take a few weeks off and see how they do. Annoying as I now can't use them haha! I'm hoping it won't be long and that the new shoes will help as yours did 😊

Thanks all! I'll keep all updated when I manage to get a doctors appointment.

I'm getting very antsy, never thought I'd like running this much 😦


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