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New trainer

Hi after my hip injury and visit to the chiropractor decided i should have my Gait checked .

There was one shop in Cardiff near me that advertised natural Gait checks which ment running up and down one of the main shopping streets in cardiff while they watched you was not to keen on that and on the day it was raining profusely .so i found another place that said they did treadmill checks in store so went along .

There was a charge of £20 but this would be wavered if you bought trainer ( not necessary on that day)

i went along and they had me run on a tread mill while i thought a fixed camera was taking video of me but it turned out the assistant used a mobile phone ii suppose better that just watching someone run up and down the street at least she could replay it.

Her advise was that my form was ok if very slightly out but not enough to need any additions to the trainers so i bought a pair of Asics trainers .i tried on 4 or 5 pairs and ran with them on and did not want to know the price until i had decided which ones felt the best .

and to be fair i picked the middle priced ones.

i have run 4 or 5 times in them and have noticed 2 or 3 times the inside of my right foot has made contact with my left ankle .

which is now quite tender i do not recall doing this before was wondering if anyone else has done this or has any thought as to why it happens

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New trainer? You are meant to buy them in pairs!!!

I noticed after I had gait analysis that the new shoes made the hairs on the inside of my knees rub together, as well as make me push off from my big toe rather than the outside of my foot. I had a before and after video and the after also showed my ankle/knee alignment was much straighter with the new shoes.

New support shoes should make you run differently. Do they have wide flared soles? Have they helped with your other problems?

I don't really have any answers.....

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