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come back run 2

well went out on my second run after IC and all went well but hard to believe how unfit i felt after a short break

run 1 i did on Tuesday 5 reps of w5r1 instead of three and thought to do 3 runs of run 2 but after the 2nd 8 min run asked for i thought may be not .

I'm not sure if it was because of fitness or the heat i went about 6 .30 in the evening as it seemed cool in my garden but when i got to the Taff trail near where i live it was a different story under the trees it was hot and humid and in the sun just hot .

It may have been all so that i was listening to the Cairo-tractors advise or may be the Gremlins were out

any way will try the 20 mins today if its not to hot and wait till tonight or even early tomorow

then will decide how to proceede from there

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My suggestion would be get out early.. 6 ish..?

I got out on Thursday at 6.30 a.m. here in Criccieth.. and after 3K had to call in at a garage shop to get water!

I think the heat has taken a few of us by surprise and maybe the gremlins took advantage of that...:)

Just take it steady and slow and I am sure you will be back on track soon :)

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