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Into week 5 now

Gosh that was a hot one! W5 R1 down. It was hard work that last five minutes and for the final minute I had to run along Streatham High Rd with bus stops full of people. Tried to speed up a bit for that final 60 second stretch (vanity only) but I did it and now I'm sooooo proud of myself. The majority of the time I was a very hot snail though!

Last week I had an early morning hot air balloon high over south west London which was quite beautiful and gave me something to focus on and distract me.

I must say, when I was struggling this morning I thought of this forum and all the wonderful people here who are running along with me - metaphorically of course!

And on to the next one 😉

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Giving me hope. Said to hubby that maybe wk4 was my limit. But I suppose we all feel like that sometimes. Week 5 next!


We certainly all feel like that sometimes. Have faith. You can do it!! I must say the programme is really well designed, it seems to work!


The fact that I have stuck to it is amazing. Sp it's obviously working. Considering getting proper trainers and need some 🎧

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