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week 8 in the bag ! still cant believe im this far along

well thats the final one of week 8 done , im very surprised that ive managed to get this far i thought my lot would be up at week 3 , i have lost half a stone as ive been using myfitnesspal along side the running , i have decided to try some squats as mentioned by Rignold , may end up doing myself a mischief but will give them a whirl , i am still on my treadmill but to be honest i rather like it on there for the minute , i would like to say that because of visiting this forum daily i have gotten inspiration from every single post ive read , posts of struggle and overcoming the gremlins and i honestly believe that i have gotten this far because of this forum , plese dont feel crap if you blip a run , feel happy about how far you have come , celebrate the good runs and file the practices , i am looking forward to fingers crossed graduating next week and have every one of you to thank XX happy running , PS todays run was god after the first 12 mins :D

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Well done 👍


Be very proud of yourself! Xx


Well done you... getting there, run by run... :)

You will, with your posts be giving folk inspiration too :) Take it steady because you are so close now:) And, Rignold is right.. the squats are great.. well done you for taking that on board :)

The exercise you do on your rest days is just as important as the run days and as a well known Supermarket ad' says... "every little helps"!

On you go, we are polishing the badge and the champagne will be on ice soon :)

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