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Week 4 run 3

Had to force myself out tonight been a long day. Felt really good though. It was gone 9 before I started and it had cooled down a little. Was really surprised at how comfortable I felt. It's the first run I have had where I felt my pace was consistent the whole way through. It always amazes me when I see people running together and chatting away I'm normally gasping for every breath but tonight I feel I could of managed it. Feeling really positive heading into week 5.

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Well done! That was the first run that I enjoyed. Don't panic about week 5 when you see it.

This week is a definite turning point and if you can manage it in this weather I am sure you will sail on.

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I am actually looking forward to it and that's something I never thought I hear myself saying. I am going to centre parks the weekend and feel it's the perfect setting to begin the next step.

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