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Just started - after Chiropodist fixed my feet

Just started - after Chiropodist fixed my feet

Me - after W1 R2. Surprisingly not too beetroot coloured!

Just this morning had my feet sorted out by an excellent chiropodist. My wife always nagged me that my feet splayed out a bit when walking, and that I should get it sorted. Decided to start the C25K when my son started doing the Parkrun, so I thought it was a good time to get the feet fixed.

It is an amazingly quick treatment. He puts a vibrating pad on your foot to relax the muscles, then manipulates them to re-locate the bone. The difference is incredible - my feet feel flat on the ground now rather than off to one side.

If anyone else has this problem, I can recommend it.

The reason I'm frowning in the photo is because my shorts are too big and kept trying to slip down during the running bits!

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Well done Iain 😊... was that painful? It sounds like it was well worth it though.

Your comment at the end made me laugh 😄... note*get some tighter shorts..


Treatment wasn't at all painful. The vibrating pad made it itch slightly during the treatment, but that was all. Yep, must have lost weight since buying those shorts!

Run not too bad - but I'm not exactly a couch potato, since I cycle into work most days - around 6 miles. The slipping shorts definitely slowed me up!

Still a bit nervous as the course ramps up. Have dreadful memories of going on runs at school and getting a stitch in the side.

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You will be fine, just follow the plan, and take the running sections nice and slow and steady. The walk breaks are there to ease the way. Keep positive and let us know how it goes, it can help with motivation.

Your cycling should put you in good stead.

Good luck with R3..


Can honestly sat I haven't had stitch at all following the programme and I was always a slacker at school pe unless it was hockey.


Nor me.. 😊


Short disasters... I can sympathise there.

Good work on the feet and the start though. Very useful info.


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