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A less goes a lot more!!!

W2r1 was much easier than week one and I could possibly of carried on...I felt I was dying on my last run,so last yesterday and last night....I drank a lot more water and only ate healthy food apart from a handful of marshmallows after tea...but I smoked less,drank a lot less wine and had at least 2 more hours sleep than I normally do. Much more incentive now to keep on the right track,I hope with more prep today and tomorrow Thursdays run is as enjoyable as today's 😜

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Some on here might say " no marshmallows, no smoking and no wine" but cutting back all helps, as you've noticed. Well done on the run.


Yes you are probably right,but I'm making a lot of gradual changes and heading nicely towards my goals for an improved lifestyle,I could easily of carried on sitting on the couch until i had lost 3 stone,reached my quit smoking date,got a grip on my habitual drinking for self medicating reasons and continued to reserve the late hours to let my mental health issues take ove,,but instead I decided to attempt my Agraphobia and panic disorder head on and get out running to try increase serotonin levels to help motivate with major life style changes so I'll stick with a few marshmallows,a bottle less of wine per night,going to bed a little earlier and continue to reduce the fags until I reach my quit date...whilst still trying to get my butt out of the door and push myself through barriers that have been holding me back for the last 4 years of misery 🙂


Gradual change is the way to go and will result in bigger successes ultimately. Starting this programme took courage so hats off to you. I wish you luck and will look forward to reading about your progress. You're doing brilliantly 🙂


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