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Eat less move more,it's not rocket science

Hello I'm new and my name is Mark,starting at 116 kilos at 177 cms tall I was drastically out of shape since the start of June this year I've stuck to a properly healthy diet and walked a minimum of 10,000 steps per day I used to think what I was doing before was enough but hey no way, I had no idea what 10 thousand steps were! So far I've lost 19 kilos & feel much better than I've ever done,now I'm starting the couch to 5 k so that I can prove to myself I can do it.

Eat less move works!

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Good for you - that's real progress. All the best with your couch to 5k program :-)

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Thank you 👍


Well done on the weight loss and the decision to tackle C25K. You won't regret it! The programme has transformed thousands of us into runners so it really does work, whatever your starting point.

Just take it steady, stick to the programme, take your rest days between runs and you won't believe what you will achieve in 9 weeks!

Keep us posted on your progress!

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I am rubbish at science! I moved more but guess the eating part was harder. Mi lost 2 stone simply with calorie control before I started running but over eating has resulted in a stone going back on even though I run three times a week - 2 X 5 plus 1 X 10k! Your statement is totally correct,nits just doing it!! Well done that you incorporated exercise and diet so well

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Well done ! it's definitely worked for me the C25K. I was 13 stone just over 2 to 3 years ago. C25k over 9 weeks helped me shift 10lbs. Just need another 8lbs to get top end of normal BMI.

Good advice on this site and get great feeling that you can achieve something that you initially thought impossible. You are off to a good start already and seem to be in right frame of mind.

As you say forget the rocket science. And when asked we all say on this sight together "IM SPARTICUS" sorry I mean "IM A RUNNER" !!


True to a degree - but you have to take metabolic rate into account and that can be a very changeable thing. Some people lose - and keep off weight - fast. Others - it's slow and extremely hard because the body reacts as if it is 'Famine Season' and will actually extract every last erg of nutrition from whatever is eaten so you can actually - relatively speaking - put on weight as the vicious cycle of 'using' less energy and therefore 'moving' less proceeds. to 'store and conserve nutrients' proceeds.

I was never over 140lbs in my life and could eat as much as I wanted until I went for an extended period of time to Asia. Between illness, poor food etc I dropped to 87 lbs in my last year there. Came home - honestly did not devour all around me but six months later I was at 200lbs and a struggle to stay under it for the thirty years since until recently...

I am astonished that I have lost about 11 pounds in about as many weeks since starting the C25k programme. I really haven't 'dieted' as such - but I find I just don't need the 'comfort food' and while also feeling no pressure to 'eat right' paradoxically. So all in all I think a 'relaxed mind, relaxed body' aids the calorie deficit we do indeed have because of running. I guess the body does not go into 'panic mode' that it is going to starve if we don't put the pressure on it mentally/physiologically?

Even if I was not losing weight it would not matter now - I have a new sense of self esteem and respect because I am now a runner, and having so much fun doing it :)


Welcome!! The C25k programme is simply amazing, following it will change your life and be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.

Top advice is go slow! Slow down until you feel like you can't possibly slow down any more and then slow down again! Take extra rest days (always at least one rest day between runs) if you need to and if you don't manage all the running intervals then try that run again next time. Stretch, listen to Laura, GO SLOWLY, take your rest days and before you know it you'll be running for 30 minutes!

This forum is full of incredible, inspirational people so do use it for advice, encouragement and to let us celebrate your successes with you. :)


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