W8R2, Diamond in the rough - my Everest reached!

Well I did not want to get up this morning. The novelty of getting up before work to go for runs has well and truly left me. However, I have been doing this for long enough to realise that its not how you feel before your run but how good you feel after your run that keeps you going back.

Having had a really good first run on Sunday I set out this morning with less doubts (gremlins) whispering in my ears. The morning sun was glorious.

I have already marked out a route that from my house, to a halfway point and back, measures exactly 5k. Each week as I do my runs I get a little further along this route, before turning round and coming back. Its nice each time I run now that I can see where I got to each time as I remember my runs from previous weeks - gives me that little boost along the way.

Anyway today, with no pressure on myself, I ran to that 5k halfway point, as I was making good time and was a little over halfway through my run. (I run out till the bell sounds and then on to a bit more to a marker i.e. bus stop) I turned round and jogged back, thinking I would use the remainder of the time for a cool down walk... To my absolute delight I made it home and reached my gate just as Michael told me to stop running. The only slight downside meant that I had to go back out again to do my cool down walk.

Who am I kidding - that gave me 5 wonderful minutes to bask in my own little bit of glory: two months ago I hadn't run for over twenty years; last year I went with a friend to play badminton and nearly threw up through exhaustion 20 minutes in.

I knew I needed to change my life around and spent three months following a HIIT training plan and diet to shred weight, before stumbling on to this C25K program.

Today, two months on, I have just run 5k in 28 minutes!!

Now I know I still have four more runs before I can declare my self a graduate; but I wanted to come on here and say to anyone struggling or doubting themselves: I followed this program to the letter from day 1. I have had good runs and bad runs. When I was flagging I came on here and found support in abundance. In the early weeks it seemed impossible, but I am here just because I put one foot in front of the other and did not give up.

You can do it!!


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12 Replies

  • Wow Well done you!! Amazing post!

    Be Proud!!

  • What an amazing story - and it's a success story already! You can be very very proud of yourself, I know we all are - proud and awed at your determination. Hero!

  • Thank you, having this forum to come to really makes the whole experience so much better.

    My W9 runs will be done whilst on holiday next week, so I am looking forward to a change of scenery for that. Still got W8R3 to go first!

  • That, is fabulous! Well done!

  • Thanks jaybro28

  • Amazing ... go you! Well done!

  • Cheers. I am still glowing!

  • Well done you! Every time I feel my motivation slipping, reading a post like this helps! Thank you for sharing this.

    I'm off for W4 R3 tomorrow :)

  • Thank you. Good luck for your run tomorrow. Though I'm sure you don't need it!

  • Wow well done! What an achievement ⭐️

  • Thanks. Lets hope I can keep this momentum up.

  • Wow that's amazing , massive high five ✋ to you . I was w1 r1 yesterday so to read your post is very inspiring and motivating , you've given me energy and more determination by reading your post so a huge thanks. I hope you are massively proud of yourself and your amazing achievement as you should be.

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