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C25k w1r2 - help with Map My Run please!

Did this one on a treadmill at my local gym. So much nicer to be able to focus on the running rather than what's going on around me, and it's good to have a steady, even surface rather than dodging dustbins and dog poo and worrying about traffic and wonky pavements at junctions. Plus as a lone female it makes me feel a lot safer even if the nights are short at the moment, and I can slot in a run before going into a pilates class to stretch it all out.

I wouldn't say I breezed through this one but it did feel far quicker and easier, partly because of the environtment and also because I ran the app on my phone with the sound off (I don't have the storage capacity on my phone for music) so I had some idea of how long I had left.

The main downside was having to adjust my speed really quickly as Laura doesn't give you that much warning, and for some reason the MapMyRun app didn't register my run properly - fairly sure there's no way a 30min treadmill session can rack up nearly 1000 calories! - so I don't have any pacing data. Does anyone on here use it and have a similar problem? I am just having it propped up in front of me as a screen so does it actually need vibration to work, like with a FitBit?

I'm going to try and do the odd outdoor run if only to avoid the hamster-in-a-wheel feeling and try to get some confidence on uneven surfaces and to see how my pacing improves.

For anyone curious, I walked at speed 3.0, and ramped it up to 4.5 for the running bits. Didn't feel like I was overdoing it that way :)

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I'm 99% certain that MapMyRun needs to see the constellation of GPS satellites to work out how far you've run. It's not using an accelerometer to work out your stride-length and cadence like a FitBit is doing.

MapMyRun suggest entering the distance manually after a run on a treadmill:

But take the 1000 calories :-)

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Aha, that would make sense, thank you. I'll give that a go for the next one :)


Unfortunately taking the 1000 calories that MarkyD so generously offers you, means you are stuck with them. There is no way your 30 minutes burned off that many.


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