I am leaving on a jetplane

I am leaving on a jetplane

Sunday I am going on a week's vacation with my family on the island of Ithaca, Greece.

I'm packing - and for the first time in my life, I am packing trainers and other running gear.

Look at this photo!! I know it is going to be amazing to go for early morning runs there, but I'm a little nervous about the terrain. Vachy (in the photo, courtesy of Wikipedia) looks like precipitous, arid mountains. Quite a change from flat, flat Denmark.

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26 Replies

  • Have a lovely holiday Iben !

    Hope you find lots of nice running routes ( that aren't too hilly of course )

    Have fun ! :-) xxx

  • Any room for a small one? I do not eat a great amount..slow runner..not too talkative..☺

    Seriously..have a wonderful holiday..post runs if you are able😏 xx

  • If I could fit you into my suitcase, I would love to take you with me :-) Promise to post runs if I can get online

  • In your head then☺ Enjoy your holiday☺

  • Always run with my grey snail friend :-)

  • ,🙂

  • Wow! Looks great. I bet you'll love it.

  • It is not looking flat but does look gorgeous. Taking my running kit on holiday for the first time too this year. Have a great time.

  • Strange to pack a running kit... Who have we become?

  • We're a right bunch of nutters. I don't think non runners can understand it. I wouldn't have but nowadays the idea of not running on holiday would be really unappealing. I'd be frustrated at having to havea couple of weeks off. Bonkers maybe

  • Wow, it looks beautiful - have a lovely time :-)

  • Just off Kefalonia, looks great! Iben, If you can't find somewhere flatish to do a run, then you'll have do a hill or two, but leave mountains out!😁

    It may be getting too hot to run much after 9am, try and get up early and do it about 7am. But don't worry to much if you can't run, a week or so is not going to hurt. But, then there may be a treadmill in a gym where your staying.

    If you do run some hills, have you read up on how to run them? Just to give you an idea, Going up, use shorter strides, a slightly faster cadence, pump arms more, and legs will follow what speed arms are doing, shoulders back, lean forward a little only from bottom of legs not from waist. Shame you have no hills in Denmark, they would be very beneficial for your stamina, I know that first hand!

    Going down, not much different, except don't have to pump arms, arms out more for balance, let yourself go down easy, don't try and brake too much and hold yourself back.. have a great vacation😎

  • Thanks Dave, good, detailed advice. We'll see how much I remember when I'm battling the hills.

  • No treadmill, by the way. Ever :-)

  • That's my girl:)

  • Happy Vacation Running :)

  • Wow that looks like a great place to go on holiday and go for a run have a great time which I'm sure you will in such a great setting.

  • 🎼🎶All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go.....🎶

    Have a wonderful holiday

  • such a beautiful place to run - enjoy! (and go out early before its too hot..)

  • Yes, going out early is going to be the only solution to days with 25-30 degrees Celsius in the shade... And staying hydrated!

  • It looks beautiful - I am sure you will enjoy running in such glorious scenery, I can smell the pines and the sea air already!

  • I am so jealous! Have a wonderful holiday and I hope you enjoy some wonderful runs☺

  • Take care on the way back; once there was a guy who wandered for 20 years, looking for a way back home, after having left Ithaca... 😜

  • Yes, he was good with a bow and arrows, but his sense of direction was a bit off...

  • Looks amazing. Have a wonderful time ☺

  • Have a fantastic holiday and happy running! Looks a lovely place. Coming from flat Essex (yes, I'm an Essex girl) I love to holiday in the hills and mountains, not sure how I'd feel about running up them though 😳

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