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interested in C25k and would like to make a start on it in the next month. I am v over weight and am wondering if anyone similar to me

..almost 18 stone and 5ft 7inches started and were successful. I am wondering if I should join a weight loss prog before I begin the C25K.


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Hi Cocobean - great that you've found this programme and are so keen to start!

I can't advise you medically, but I can say that I'm 13 stone and 5ft 3inches which doesn't sound too different if you take things in proportion! I have just graduated from the programme and have had very little trouble completing it - I'm aware I could have run faster if I'd been carrying less weight, but I've managed all the times on the podcasts, running of sorts, even if I've been very slow (but I have speeded up along the way!). I'm hoping to lose weight but it hasn't happened yet, but definitely more toned and firm - not to mention aerobically much much fitter!

Hope that helps - do keep in touch with this forum; folks are very very friendly and encouraging!


Hi there, not sure if this will help but... I started C25K back in October at the same time I stopped smoking, I am 6ft1 and weighed about 22 stone, I also had a nasty historic foot injury. I lined up all my excuses before I started and told nobody because, like all the diets I had tried, I knew I was going to quit.

Well I finished the C25K without injury and felt really proud of myself, not something fat people say or feel very often. I now run 2-3 times a week and my route is 10k, it takes me about 90 mins but I run, don't stop and feel bloody great after. I haven't had a cigarette in 6 months ( try E-cigarettes they really work) and none of my clothes fit, I haven't weighed myself but I guess I have lost about 2 stone. I have no desire to race people, for me I enjoy the solitude and the feeling that I am now doing something most of my slim friends can't. I might try a marathon one day but for me its about a routine that pushes me but avoids injury. I still do my warm up walk and my stretches.......Good luck to you all, you can do it but my advice is don't put a ton of pressure on yourself, if you stick to the program it will just happen, by week 5 I was really seeing results.


Thanks Juicy...I am delighted to read of your success..congrats! Firstly I am wanting to get fitter than I am at the moment which wouldnt be hard!!! Secondly, I am hoping that along side getting fit I will start a weight loss prog. I have 3 small children and need to get myself in order.

thanks for the vote of confidence!


My husband is 5ft 11 and was 17st 5 when he started the programme. He is just starting week 8 and has lost 17lbs so far. It would have been more if we hadn't continued to eat unhealthily on occasion. If you are concerned, I would check with your doctor before starting, but my husband has had no problem with the program. He has been bigger in the past but lost weight a few years ago with circuit training, but then stopped and put some weight back on. We have now both committed to getting healthy and losing weight and have found the C25K brilliant.

As someone who has had 2 kids in 2 years as well, I have found it excellent for getting out of the house and doing something for me that gives me a real sense of achievement and some time to myself. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get fit. I have just completed week 5 of the programme and have lost about 7lbs so far - again, it would have been more if I had been more disciplined with my diet! Just take it really steady and don't worry about speed. All the best with it!


Hi Cocobean. Started this running plan 5 weeks ago at nearly 21st and so far have managed it - infact I just completed my first 20min run, and it didn't kill me!!

The best thing I can suggest is to give it a go. Take it at your own speed, and don't think you have to run fast - I think my pace is some where around 5kmh. I'm doing weight watchers too, and if you're thinking about trying to loose some weight, I'd seriously suggest doing their plan.

You should be able to do c25k, just take it at your own pace and listen to your body and try not to overreach on your runs - you must pace yourself!!

Hope you start this and enjoy it as much as I do - its a great sense of accomplishment!

L xxx


I started the programme at 15 3/4 stone and am a bit shorter than you. I have done it along side a weight loss programme & have never missed a run/ target. Really helps with the weight loss, just make sure you have decent shoes & try not to always run on Tarmac as your knees will suffer.


if you are worried about going straight to running, perhaps use the podcast walking for the first week doing normal walking on the walking bit & power/speed walking for the jogging bits, then move up to walking & jogging. dont go too fast once you start jogging or you will tire yourself out very quickly. slow & steady :)

once you get into this it really is addictive & completing each week makes you want to go further because of that personal sense of achievement.

you may have better results regarding weight loss if you also do this alongside a plan but make sure you are eating enough for your runs. & good thing is each mile burns about 100 calories, whether you walk or run it!

good luck. make sure you keep posting ~ theres always someone here to advise & spur you along with encouragement :)



If you're thinking of doing the c25k to lose weight, just remember that to lose weight its 80% about diet and 20% about exercise - so if losing weight is your goal do both!



Hi, hope you can get started. My advice is to jog slowly, and don't worry about if you don't complete the run, just go out and try again after a days rest.

Like others have said this is achievable.


Thank you all so much for the encouragement...I am fired up to start this once I come back from holidays. Will invest in some runners while in France. Can anyone advise me on what to get?

I will also be signing up to a weight loss program too. Cant wait to return to work after the Summer holidays and finally look different !!!

Thanks again to you all.


I really think you need to speak to your doctor. If your BMI is high 30s then usually the advice is to start to walk or cycle first because it puts less strain on your joints than running or other aerobic exercise that involves moving your whole body weight (in walking, you never have both feet off the floor so there is less impact on the joints).

You would definitely lose weight if you started to run, so long as you were eating the same or less than before, but you're much more likely to get injured and that would be a real setback.

Diet + exercise is the best combination because the exercise speeds up your metabolism and protects your muscle mass. It makes you toned and strengthens the heart and lungs, plus it makes you feel good.

It takes a surprising amount of exercise to lose a small amount of weight. I run for 90 mins a week plus some walking, and burn half a pound. It would be more if I weighed more but then it would also be harder.

If you diet you need to allow some energy so you can exercise and build muscles. People who do a very low-calorie diet can find exercise difficult because they lack energy and then the diet can reduce lean muscle rather than tackling fat stores. It is also hard to exercise on a low-carb diet because muscles use carbs as fuel.


I started a weight loss programme with a high 30s BMI, shed a bit with little exercise, then built up to plenty of walking for 5 months. When my BMI was about 30 I started with C25K and I'm now on week 3 and loving it. I agree that it's important to take it gently, Wish you all the best.


If you want to lose weight as well as gain fitness, have a look at My Fitness Pal. There's a website and also a useful App. You can log your exercise and food intake and ensure that your calorie burn exceeds your consumption - I think this is far more sustainable than trying to stick to a 1200 calorie diet, for example, which, as SarahSpangles says, doesn't really support you if you want to exercise. As well as the C25K, I am trying to ensure I average 10,000 steps a day, which is the recommended no of steps for good health. 10,000 steps is also enough that you can consume more than 1200 calories and still lose weight ! Now, that has to be a good thing !

Check your local council and NHS to see if they offer free weight loss classes. I pay £26 a month to go to any of Telford and Wrekin's leisure centres, including use of gym at any time, swimming and any classes at any of the centres. This includes a weight loss/exercise class each week. It might be worth a bit of research before signing up to some of the "well-known" weight loss organisations.


I second sfb350. Sign up to myfitnesspal for safe, sustainable weight loss. All the best, Andrew


Hi! I started couch to 5k at a similar weight to you are now - I was 17st7 and I am 5ft7" - I've lost 2 stone through C25k and weight watchers (in 3 months)! If however it's going to be a big change in your activity levels you may want to check with GP (I was already doing quite a lot of sport when I started it) - Good Luck!


I also second sfb350 and goodmanco me and my better half have been using myfitnesspal since February and doing c25k for the last 6 weeks. I've lost 16lbs and Marie's lost 18lbs, so it definitely works!

I've not been able to run for the last week due to really sore knees, so my other advice would be "listen to your body" I stupidly carried on running when my knees were already sore - not something I'd recommend.

Good luck with your transformation :-)