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Back on track

Last week my work went bonkers and to cut a long story short I didn't manage to get all my runs in. Woke up yesterday exhausted from the week and it was raining. Worried that if I didn't go out I would end up giving up. So called it a practice run. For various technological reasons I also had to run naked without Laura. Anyway v pleased to report I managed wk7 run1 and am back on track! Reading this forum really helps me when I'm feeling a bit demotivated so thank you everyone!

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Well done. Life is unpredictable and work has to be addressed. But you did that's all count and without Laura. Impressive 👍


Good strategy/psychology - if you trap yourself into thinking "It's W7R1 or nothing" you could well become overwhelmed and give up. Just going out for a run anyway, nothing to lose, takes the pressure off and... look at the result :)


Thanks for encouragement, was really pleased with myself for getting out and actually managing it. 😊


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