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Week One Done

Well, Week 1 Run 3 is complete! Huzzah. Not sure what to feel about this run - definitely had its ups and downs.


- I completed the 3rd run

- No near collisions with unsuspecting members of the public today! Huzzah xD

- I didn't snooze my alarm for ages but actually got up when I was supposed to

- My thighs have stopped aching like crazy! xD


- I was exhausted xD Not sure whether that was because of the fact I didn't sleep well last night or because it was the 3rd run of the week...

- Motivation was definitely lacking, but I was also stressing/worrying about other things, so I don't know if that's why? Definitely wasn't running in the moment anyways, which made things less enjoyable.

- My side has started hurting again.. I don't know if that's because revision has me stuck at my desk, and sitting always makes it worse... I don't know. Blargh. It doesn't hurt when I run though, only afterwards, so... Hmmm. I don't know.

So, in summary, the run was alright, but generally not in as good a mood today as I was after my run on Monday. Maybe things will be better next week?

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Congratulations on completing run 3 Adler, I have completed week one also. As I only started because of your post I hadn't factured exercise into my week at all so have had to fit it in where I can. So run 2 was late on Wednesday evening and it was really tough going. I'd had a long day at work and didn't enjoy it at all. So this morning I tried first thing so up earlier than usual and into the gym and that was much better. Early mornings aren't really my thing but knowing it's done and dusted feels good. Best of luck with week two, my next run will be Sunday

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Yeah, I can see how running after a full day at work would be harder - as horrible as it is, running in the morning is definitely nice as you know the run is over with/can focus on the rest of the day :) Good luck on Sunday! I probably won't start week 2 until Monday - feel like my side might need that extra 2 day break :P

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Mood changes are quite normal, sometimes I feel really fed up at the end of a run. I think it gets better as you progress, or maybe I've just learned to accept when I don't feel happy after a run.

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Hopefully so :) Friday was just generally a bad day, so not sure that helped anyway, but... Yeah. I'm still going :)

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