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Feeling proud already W1R2

I am just taking a moment to rehydrate after finishing the second run of week one. I was reflecting as I ran, on how my attitude about exercise has changed, and what it says about how I have changed as a person over the years.

A few months ago, although I can walk for miles with the dog, I never would have considered exercising to the extent of breaking a real sweat. The whole idea of looking dishevelled in public filled me with a sense of dread!

The Couch to 5k scheme is brilliant for complete exercise novices like me. I completely underestimated the value of the podcast and that little voice in your ear spurring you on (and I'm so glad she's British and not American - she sounds like she could be someone you know!). The sense of achievement is fantastic too - I've run more this week than I have since high school - 1980's PE teachers have a lot to answer for!

My weight has fluctuated over the years, and I've got to the point where I can't blame it on having had children any more - my children are 16 and 13! I always said I would do something about it when I had to buy bigger clothes - well that's become a standard thing now so there's no more ignoring it! I am 13st 1lb, which is the heaviest I have ever been. I know the idea of this is fitness, but I would be interested to see if I lose a bit of weight as a bi-product of the whole change of attitude.

I have planned to do 3 different routes each week. the two I've tried so far fit the timing perfectly, and I don't see too many familiar faces en route to distract me. As well as that, the weather is brilliant, so I have the motivation to get out there. I am hoping that by the time winter comes I will have developed a decent routine, and won't find it too difficult getting out there on the grotty days.

Well done to everyone who is further along in the programme - I hope I will still feel this positive at the end!

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A very positive start

Well done you. I am sure that you will continue to improve. You probably don't burn enough calories to lose weight during the programme and would need to follow a healthy eating plan too. I'm not needing to lose weight, but in week seven and notice that I am sleeker and more muscly. I'll take that!


Well done for starting! You may or may not lose weight on the programme,it does vary, I lost about half a stone, not by counting calories but just watching the diet (fats and sugars) drinking plenty of water keeping well hydrated..😊

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