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Starting couch25k at Week 4 - W4 D2

I'm posting my progress here , as I have the feeling week 5 and subsequent weeks are gonna be hard. It's easier to keep a track of my times on here and share them with anyone that's interested.

*DISCLAIMER* - I suppose I should write here that I'm not strictly following the Couch25K letter for letter, and if you don't stick to the guidelines you risk injury, and I wouldn't recommend anyone else do it. as the nhs couch25k is a very good one :o)

Week 4 R1 was 39.5 minutes for 5K of which 26 minutes was 'running' and 13.5 was 'walking'

Today W 4 R2 the time was 42 minutes for 5K of which 29.5 was 'running' and 12.5 was walking and, I was walking faster and more comfortably today so I must have really slowed down running but the good part is I ran the last 1.5 much faster and more steadily and finished in better shape.

I don't have a pedometer or fitbit gps or any of that stuff just the old fashioned chrono, but today I completed the run and it was 'easier' than run one, i'm still running at what I consider a very slow speed but very comfortable one. The problem I found was dealing with an incline, and the incline just happens to be a landmark that I was fixed on for getting to the next point. So I had to choose another landmark. Running up a slight incline is so hard, I didn't realise it. My time was a couple of minutes slower. So, that's the explanation I have come up with for why I ran slower, but I ran steady and didn't feel like I was going to fall over or have my lungs explode.

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