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Week 8 - have my legs given up?


Looking for advice from fellow Couch to 5K runners/graduates.

I'm a 48 year old female who has completed week 7 and first run from week 8. I have however had to give my legs a rest this week as I'm really struggling with groin and knee pain and well, just leg pain altogether!

During my last 3 runs, I've suffered from a burning sensation that's started in my right thigh and worked itself down to my foot. Only on one leg. This has meant I have had to stop mid run and stretch my leg then walk a short way. I so hope this is a temporary injury and wondered if anyone has suffered similar problems, rested and then carried on running? I've totally got the running bug and so want to continue but also don't want to do any long term damage.

Any advice appreciated.

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I had to pause when I had small injuries (sore muscles and such) and that's fine. I eventually (about W8) realised I was trying to run too fast, once I slowed down then a day's rest was enough.


You have come this far so hopefully it's nothing but a niggle

You might need to give it a day or two and see how it goes. It's common to get these twinges. Once you get stronger these things should clear up

I do hip swings to help with groin pain. I make it part of my warm up routine, in the house before heading out. Also,you can do that sideways move that warming up footballers do on the touch line, where they lift their bent leg as if over the back of a kitchen chair. Try it with a real chair first to get the hang of it. It just gently stretches the groin area. I usually need to do it post or even mid run

I hope you will soon be back at it. Slowly, slowly 😃💪🏃‍♀️✔️

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Thanks very much for your reply. I'll try those gentle stretches. I feel as if something just needs to click back in place in my left groin so hopefully the chair exercise will help.


Thanks for your reply. I have given myself 3 days rest but still can feel pain niggling in my groin and knee. I'm gonna try a week 5 run tonight rather than not run at all until my niggles disappear (hopefully)!

I can't run any slower - I'm doing the slowest jog ever!


I have successfully managed a week 5, session 2 run tonight. Feeling more positive but don't think I can resume week 8 yet - might repeat random sessions from week 5 to keep me running until my leg probs subside.


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