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Happy times! 🏃‍♀️

I have just finished w2r3 and I am sooo happy!!

I haven't run ( walked 🙄) in 2 weeks due to a horrible virus and just the thought of going back out there was scary🙈! Especially in this weather!

However, I got back from work got changed and out I went! surprisingly it went really well especially after two weeks of no exercise but I am not complaining! Week 3 begins on Wednesday 😅 xx

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Well done :) Slow and steady :)

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Thank you!! Couldn't go faster if I tried 🙈😂😂


That is good... the speeding comes as we get stronger :)

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Ooooh I think that deserves a little dance of joy! Zip a di doo dah 😃

I bet it feels great to be back on it 🙂 Go steady. No hurry 😃

Have fun out there 🙂


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