The Truth about Sleep

Last night's bbc programme on sleep recommended an early morning walk/run to reset the internal clock and aid sleep. Being of a certain age I have had difficulty getting to and staying asleep for years! I usually run after work at 4pm but I might just try pre work running (6am). I have been running for over a year but sleep hasn't improved. Also with warmer weather approaching I might try early mornings if I can manage to get out if bed!


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18 Replies

  • Early morning runs are superb... make sure you warm up properly and head out.. steady and slow... :)

    I run three times a week, the earliest, ( neighbour's house alarm) 5.30!!!! EEk!

    Mostly 6.30 to 7.30, but never later than 8.30 a.m. I m 67... and on average get 8 hours a night :) Go on... try it... you won't regret it :)

  • I only caught that last half an hour of last night's programme, but I did find it rather interesting.

    Perhaps there's more to circadian rhythms than most of us would believe.

  • I am NOT a 'morning person'. Part of the joy of running in the morning is that I am still half asleep probably and don't notice all the aches and pains as much :)

  • PS I do roll out of bed energetically and enthisiastically however.

    Mind you, getting up from the bedroom floor is a hassle...;)

  • 😂😂

  • I run early.. I'm far too tired after work and in the morning I can feel my whole circulation has a kick start .. give it a try .. and don't worry about getting up early.. if you get in a routine you will be going to sleep earlier too - so it all balances out. All the best😎🏃

  • I love early morning runs and usually go out every other morning for a 5k run which starts the day off nicely - until Wednesday when it all went pear shaped! Beware the early morning sun as it can make the road ahead (in my case pavements) very difficult to see! Going well, running slightly downhill and fell flat on my face! Nasty gash on my forehead and elbow, now glued together and also 2 black eyes resulting from bang on the nose (not helped by my glasses digging in - amazingly didn't break!) Also painful chest area - this is the only thing that has stopped me going straight back out there. Only question now is - maybe I should choose a different time of day to run?! By the way - I have never slept well so don't think the early morning runs have worked for me!

  • Oh no! Hope you heal quickly. Xx

  • Thankyou x

  • Oh no! Hope you are feeling better today?

  • Painkillers seem to be working today so hoping another couple of days rest and can go for a run - surprising how much you miss it when you can't go! x

  • Thanks all! I'll try my usual Speed session on Monday at 6am and then do the usual Stamina one on Wednesday and see how that feels next week

  • Worth a try ladyharvills 👍 Hope it works

  • I usually wake about 3.30am with heart pounding, my anxiety demon! So have got about 4hrs there, then just able to drift off in and out of sleep until about 6am, so don't think I'm getting enough sleep, and feel low for the rest of the morning and sometimes into the afternoon! Am Just about able to get out for a run at midday, it's a PITB!😊

  • Running first thing in the morning is such a brilliant way to start the day. You'll love it.

  • How did it go Ladyharvils

  • It was nice and fresh. Busier on the roads than I expected. I did the Stamina podcast and completed it comfortably. It was nice coming back from work later knowing I didn't have to go out again. I did find more energy throughout the day too.

  • I'm an 05:00 runner, cant get the motivation to go in the evenings.

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