New Bling

New Bling

Having got through a fair number of running watches since graduation, I have to say the most hit and miss feature on them has always been the Heart Rate Monitor. Bizarrely the more expensive and high range the watch, the worse the hrm connection has been and the best was my original Garmin 220 which locked on every time and gave rock solid results. I am using a Suunto Ambit 3 at the moment and have more or less given up on its HRM.

However today my cardiologist had me fitted with a full on high tech dedicated one bolted to my chest, whcih will record every beat 24/7. It looks remarkabky like the Fisher Price 'My First Tape recorder' my kids had as babies, and is already driving me crackers, but I am looking forward to seeing the data it produces. Particularly when I do hardcore metcons. Am toying with doing 150 wallballs and burpees tomorrow morning just to see if I can make it burst.

And yes, I do have my dial turned up to 11.


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18 Replies

  • Yet another picture of your chest Rig? You're spoiling us :D

  • no Trump Pug this time

  • Trump out , Pugs in ! :-) xxx

  • Yep..just another excuse to show off your chest :)

    Your, " and miss features..." takes on a whole new meaning!

    The tech' stuff sounds really fascinating though!

  • Have you tried a Polar watch? Heart beat monitoring is kind of their thing (they were the first ones to sell wearable ones) and my M400 has been working perfectly since December.

  • Meet the bionic Squatmeister!

  • You're just a hunka hunka burning love Rig ! :-D

    Ver Ver nice ! :-) xxx

  • Unfortunately this one is mainly for my cardiologist to try and prove that I am having too many ectopic beats, which I thought was an album by the Chemical Brothers, but turns out isn't. I have a theory however that the harder I work out in the mornings the more it normalises my heart rhythms for the rest of the day. We shall see who is right.

    Damn thing is already itchy and I have to wear it 24/7, regardless of activity (!).

  • From what I've seen, you will take each and every opportunity to get your kit off on this forum 😘And milk it for all it's worth.

    My question is, does the number produced by this and other devices you wear represent beats per minute, swooning hearts per day (average) or number or squats performed per incoming positive post reply?

  • I had to wear one of these once for 24 hours and the itch was the pits. Actually caused a severe allergic reaction which blistered and took days to heal. But us runners can deal with physical discomfort 😏

    Nice picture Rig 🙂

  • after 24 hours? I have to wear it for two months... Deep joy

  • Commiserations 😩

  • I suppose it will drive you nuts at first . Id be scared of strangling myself in my sleep ! :-) xxx

  • Not sure this has already been suggested but have you tried updating both the watch and the hrm chest strap? You can do it through Movescount connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

  • Two months??

    Have you put your modelling career on hold?

  • Will just have to do other body parts for the duration

  • I wore one for a week once so sympathies for your two months. At that time I was having an ectopic heart beat (seems to run in my family) but is better for exercise and I seem to have come out of that "phase" now, so hopefully you will too.

  • Two bloo*y months! Just as we are heading for some hot weather 😃 It's a test of your stoicism too. Grasshopper (remember him?)

    Sorry, I'll get me coat 👩‍⚕️

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