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Smashed it!

Just completed run 2 of week 5! I got nervous as I was running on a treadmill in a gym when a gazelle (tall, skinny, fast runner) got on the treadmill next to me but I actually found her useful as a pacemaker - I kept running for both sets of 8 minutes at a continuous pace because she was running too. I usually feel self conscious but I showed myself that I can run and it's a case of mine over matter in the end😊

The dreaded first 20 min run for me next 😆

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Well done! You can do it. Take things slow and steady and you will be fine. Now that you are getting to the longer runs, you might want to think about taking things outside - just be warned, running outside can feel very different to running on a treadmill (there is no automatic pace set for starters!). Don't go out expecting to complete a long run, start off with an earlier run (say week 3), but do try outside, you'll grow to love it! :)


I agree. I have not ever used a treadmill although I can see the reasons why people need to. Being outdoors adds a whole other dimension to running. It makes me feel alive! (and the only gazelles (well deers) are 4 legged ones


Congrats to you... I've just done run 2 of week one - running for 8mibs seems impossible at mo - let alone 20 mins! Good luck to you... indoor or out you're gonna keep smashing it!!


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