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W9R1 - different post to what I was expecting!!

Genuinely thought, while I was running today, that I would be posting a "worst run ever" post this evening but NO! When I synced my Fitbit it turns out this is going to be a positive post.

Normally I start my Fitbit stopwatch as soon as the intro starts and stop it once the outro has finished but today I decided to purely look at my run so I got an accurate pace and distance recording.

Seemed to be going badly because I used a route I wasn't very familiar with, felt like I was running slower than normal, encountered 4 bridges (!!!!!!) and ended up getting a bit lost. But I persevered and while walking back to the car (an extra 10 minutes walk due to the getting lost thing) I synced my Fitbit and found the best pace yet (6'52") and running distance of 4.41km - I'm only 1/2 KM off the target!!!!

So my advice, if it feels like a bad run, keep going! You might find it's the best one instead!!!

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Yes I Agree 🙂


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