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thoughts on ibuprofen

As some of you are aware have had a painful hip for a week or so now not done any running but have the last three days done a lot of walking which has helped

Friends have suggested i try ibuprofen as it should help the joint if its an inflammation

I did think about it but was all so thinking it may just mask the problem .any thoughts or experience would be good

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My thoughts....... however i am not a clinician:

Good for inflammation. BUT: do not use to allow you to run as it will mask the problem and you may cause more damage. So if you walk, use afterwards and while at rest.

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Hi, I think it would be wise to get that checked out. I had painful hips and was diagnosed with gluteal tendinopathy which is treatable but I had to stop running for a bit. Admittedly, ibuprofen did not help me so hopefully you have nothing more serious than a little tendinitis but better to be safe than sorry.


Again, I am not a doctor, and don't know anything about your hip pain. However, walking is normally a good thing, and helps to prevent our legs and hips stiffening up. So continue the walking. If during normal day-to-day activities you don't have any hip-pain, don't take any ibuprofen. If you do get some pain, then take some.

You'll notice I've not mentioned running.

Don't run for two weeks. You've overdone it and your body will need some time to recover. After 2 weeks, go for a little trot - at most 1km after warming up - and see how you get on. Then take 2 rest days to see if you've inflamed the hip again. If it is ok, then go for a gentle trot - at most 2km - and very gradually build up to 30 minute runs. Stick at 30 minute runs, three times per week for 3 months. Once your body is conditioned to this level of running without injury, very, very gradually increase the distance, but I suggest a 3% rule instead of the traditional 5% rule.

If in doubt, go and see your GP or a sports physio.

Be humble. Slow down. Don't be in such a rush. Treat your body with respect. Condition it for greatness.


It takes quite a time to kick in, the inflammatory bit that is. It only works if taken when your muscles are at rest, so bear that in mind

I would only taken them if I was in real pain, if that is the case then maybe you need to see the doc

I would keep mobile. Some years ago my chiro thought I might need a new hip. Several years on and nearly five stones lighter I find nothing wrong with my hip at all. It's never been finer 😃 Exercise is good for us so I hope your painful hip is just a niggle and nothing serious 🙂

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I agree with MarkyD ... you have I feel, over the last weeks pushed too hard.. and are still pushing maybe?

Take his advice... and/or get checked out, if the pain is not going.

I am not a huge fan of anything that masks pain... The whole running thing, is, or should be, about pleasure... and only small amounts of pain:)

A journey, not a race as one of our really experienced and seasoned runners said.

Stay mobile by all means but gently... be a bit kinder to yourself :)

" Take care of your's the only place you have to live:


Oo - nice quote, Oldfloss! 🙂

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I love my quotations.. just remebered one that I might have written!!! My mantra.. it will be the header for my 10K post update :) x

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My friends have been misquoting an African proverb this week:

If you want to run fast: parkrun

If you want to run far: marathon.

I prefer the original :-)


Sorry you are still having problems. Did you check out any of those hip stretching and strengthening exercises that were mentioned in one of your previous posts? When I had hip niggles last summer, they made a huge difference for me.


Because Ibuprofen reduces inflammation, it can be useful to take immediately after an injury, since the inflammation itself can cause damage.

R. I. C. E. is the runner's mantra. Rest. Ice. Compression and Elevation.


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