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Week 8

I wish I had taken a camera out with me tonight. I live in the North and for once it was "the beautiful North" and "grim down South" for a change. Early evening was glorious here. I took the opportunity to venture outdoors again and went to a park near a friends and visited them afterwards. It was nice and flat (very important!) with a couple of streams, a little humped back bridge, ducks and I saw a Robin when I decided to run 'off piste'. (I'm always happy when I see one of those :) ). Did I feel joy? Was it fun? .... actually ... after the first 15 minutes ................................... YES !!

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Great post runlikeagirl, your delight is clear and infectious.

I too enjoyed running in the North bathed in sunshine today (nice change!). Just not able to describe it quite as eloquently as you :P

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It was a perfect early evening wasn't it 50up? Hard not to feel happy breathing in the fresh air and the gentle sunshine.

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