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Wk1 finished! 👊🏻trousers👊🏻

I didn't quite complete it in a week, it was 9 days only due to the fact I was unwell mid week last week. Nevertheless, I picked myself up and carried on despite thinking otherwise a few times. I nearly gave up today due to a twinge in my knee and a pair of running trousers that kept falling down every few steps think I may have to give in and buy a smaller pair! Yay!! I don't feel like I have lost weight and it's not due to this episode of C25K but over a couple of years I think it's fair to say I have. Onwards and upwards to week 2. Good luck everyone!

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Well done, it's fine if you take a bit longer, or as long as you want really. It's your run! You may find like a lot of us that you've lost inches without actually losing much or any weight, but it's a good excuse to go shopping!


Woohoo! New trousers! Yay! Some gorgeous new running tights. Dri-fit jobs ☺ Personally I like a tie waist, ankle zips, a generous back pocket and maybe a side pocket. Ron Hill ones seem to offer all that ☺

Good luck with the programme ☺ Have fun


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