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Apps and more apps!

So i just completed week 5 and logged in only to find someone else claiming they had just ran for 20min to complete week 5.

So the 20min running on my app is at the end of week 6 rather than 5.. anyway, i guess it doesnt matter too much what plan you do as long as you run the 5k at the end, right?

Anyhow I had a query for you all. I generally run on a treadmill and I set it up at 1% incline and 10.0km/h for run and 6.5km/h for walking. My question being.. say that my next session becomes really hard to complete, would you:

a) keep the settings as previously but repeat the session as many days as you need to until you are able to complete it.

b) lower the gradient to 0.5% or even 0% with the thinking that once you get to running the 5k on that setting you can gradually increase it back. So basically you stay motivated because you see progression.

c) reduce the speed a little, say to 9km/h with the same objective as b)

d) quit the plan and head to the pub.

Sorry that was a joke but what do you think, a, b or c?

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I say e) other words...just follow the programme that you started...keep it steady and slow and accept that the idea is not to run 5K...but to run..your way..your speed..for 30 minutes . This is your journey...enjoy it 🙂



Objective of the program is to run for 30 minutes, three times in one week. OK, the program is called C25K but many people to not reach 5km in 30 minutes. But a program called C230m3xi1w is not so catchy.

Here is some advice for ALL those undertaking C25K... forget all about speed, pace, distance. During C25K only time is important. Once you can run for 30 minutes comfortably, then that is the time to get a running watch, or a tracker on your phone. With these gadgets you can set some goals - running faster, or further. But because of the huge variety of people undertaking C25k- from teenagers, through us over-weigh middle-agers, and into the (ahem) 'more experienced in life' we all have hugely different running speeds and abilities.

So neptune, if you're finding the runs are getting more challenging, just slow down. You have the rest of your running career to speed up (if you want) but for the time being, just slow down.

I see that you're off to Glastonbury next month, so I'll guess that you are young, or young-at-heart. Running at 10km/h is a pace of 6 minutes per kilometers, and that's fast-ish for a new runner. It's a 30 minute parkrun, so I reckon that you can slow down.


Don't judge yourself on what others are doing,(presuming its my 20min) I'm using the nhs c25k and i know i've seen atreadmill based c25k. Do what you feel comfortable doing, you're doing great.


Good stuff, thanks for all the answers! Marky-D, I think more a case of young-at-heart I'm afraid. Will be celebrating the big 4-0 at the festival.. 😀


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