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Man - flu update

Sooo been a week since finishing week 2 and have really missed it. Finally starting to feel better with a niggly loose cough but soo wanna get back out there as I'm worried I've lost what stamina I've built up so far. Aiming for Friday this week to restart but think am going to repeat r3 w2 first before moving on as I nicely finished it with no problems before. Wish me luck!!

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Good luck! Go for it👍🍀

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Thank you x


We don't lose fitness that quickly. and it is not long before we are back on track..just, as ever, take it steady and slow and you will be fine :)

Please, make sure you do feel okay, and maybe a walk to set things off again? The coughs currently are real pains.. and best to be on the safe side.. :)


Thank you yep it's the niggly cough that seems to be sticking around but have been out walking this weekend to get some fresh air but thank you for the advice x

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