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First run after a week off

I didn't run at all last week as I was away hill/mountain walking and didn't fancy running in that terrain ... it's very flat in my part of the country so not used to any incline! So felt quite nervous about my run this morning. When I woke up I could see it was windy so that was another aspect to worry about. Since I started c25k in February I have only taken one rest day between runs so a whole week without running seemed a long time. I set off very slowly, and must have slowed down some more during my run but I DID IT. Am so relieved that I can still run for 30 mins without stopping.

So any of you who need to take extra rest days take heart you don't loose your fitness that quicklly.

It's been great to get back to reading the forum ... welcome to all the newbies and well done to all the graduates, lots seem to have happened while I've been away. Now time to get back to regular runs to keep in shape for my big birthday and holiday walking at altitude in four weeks time.

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I was also worried about this - I recently went on a 6-week holiday, and only managed to squeeze in 3 runs in the whole time. But I was doing a lot of hiking, so I think I managed to keep up my fitness doing that, because getting back into the swing of things now has not been anywhere near as hard as I had thought it would be. I allowed myself a couple of easy shorter (20 -25 minute) runs, but on my last run I went for the whole 30 mins, and managed it a heap faster than I ever have before! I even accidentally took a wrong turn, so went further than intended too :)


It's reassuring to hear I'm not the only one to be concerned about these things. 6 weeks is a long break so well done for keeping motivated. Happy running!


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