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Stand Up for the Champions - Rainbow Run

Stand Up for the Champions - Rainbow Run

We arrived, froze to death, were splattered with paint, warmed up, circled the beach twice and got splattered with more paint before we were finally awarded our first official 'Finished a 5k Race' bling.

Are we exhausted? Yes.

Did it take 3 attempts each in shower AND a bath to remove the majority of the paint? Yes.

Are we proud of ourselves? Yes. Yes we are!

Rainbow Run Swansea was, for Mam and me, a success, even if we had to run-walk-run-walk because the sand was pretty water-logged in places (The trainers are sitting outside because they're wet, sandy and paint-y, they'll have a spin in the washing machine before Monday)

You may be asking yourself, why? What's on Monday aside from the Bank Holiday?

Answer: 5k Mayor's Race

3 Days, 2 Medals!

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Brilliant! well done both of you!! :)


Brilliant indeed. In every sense of the word.

And good luck for Monday. You'll need a sizeable medal holder soon. Hope you're stocked up on epsom salts and foam rollers for wednesday...

oh and do not put your trainers in the washing machine. Not ever. The Gods of Performance Footwear will look down upon your folly and it shall not please them, and they are deities you don't want to be pissing off.

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they're actually in the porch drying out they'll be going on the boiler later today


Brilliant photo, one to treasure !

Really Well done Ladies , great stuff :-) xxx


Go girl!😂💪🏃❤


thanks :)


And Mam❤️, 😫💪😉😂xx


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