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W3R3 done

So that's another week over with but really think I need to do that run again! Last 3 minutes were a struggle though I think I increased the pace a little as previously it was barely a jog... more of a shuffle. I had a mild panic this morning when I looked at week 4 and thought I better speed this up to give me a better chance of handling next week! Feeling a bit more positive today which is good! Must be the bank holiday weekend coming up... previously I have always done four runs in a week.. just alternate days ... thoughts? Should I just go week 4 on Monday? X

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Don't speed up... just the opposite.. slow down more :) Honestly it is the way to get to the podium...:)

Focus on the runs you have done and not what is to come... just take it one run at a time and the slower the better. Your stamina and strength, whether you realise it or not, are building up, safely and steadily. As the runs get longer, you will be really glad you have kept a slow steady pace :) Speed, as a few have found out is the way to the IC...

I was the original Grey Snail, and I plodded my way steadily through to the Graduation podium...still here two and a half years later, still running three times a week, up to 10K currently and still, slow and steady! I had no run-related injuries, ( fell over a coffee table and broke my ribs, and there was a bouncing incident with some new trainers and my knee..but that is a whole other story) !!!!

So... you are doing just fine..Go to Week 4, with confidence, a light, slow step and a smile on your face!

Look forward to your post :)


I think Oldfloss has said it all. It is the time your are running for, not the distance. You need to adopt a speed you can maintain throughout

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