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Growing pains age 48!lol

Hello everyone. I'm new on here. My sister introduced me to the C25K app after hurting my knee and foot trying to do too much. I used to do the park run but struggled each week. Then stopped about a year ago. I started running again recently thinking I was still at Park run fitness. Unfortunately I hurt my knee and foot. I took a few weeks off before starting the C25K and its been great. The old injuries haven't returned but I have a new one. I get a pain from the front of my left knee which wraps itself around my lower leg down to my calf. I've managed to keep running but it doesn't want to go away. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Dadi, welcome to the forum. Sorry, no idea what that pain is, I hope someone else can help you.


hi. unsure. perhaps run on a softer surface like grass? good luck.x


Leg pains are a common symptom of the perimenopause....and a real nuisance!


That might be difficult as I'm a man.

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