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W1R2 and dreading it, lol


i found W1R1 such a nightmare :-D (though i ended up elated in my mood and with no injury) that i am dreading today's foray into fitness. they do say it gets easier. in fact i found out yesterday my friend has done this programme and she said it gets easier the longer you run for... weird, but still.... good news, say i :-) i am just not sure i can do it all over again. i know to many of you this will sound ridiculous but i am not sure my body can do it. i was on my knees (not literally) at the end of run 1. i am sure later on down the line i wont need so much encouragement but right now i sure do. i am not a person to back down, or back out, but neither do i want to get an injury from collapsing. or is that just fear? either way...heeelllppppp! x ps. thank you all for being so kind to this newbie. this forum is really the kindest i ever came across in my life. pps. here is a rainbow for you :-)

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The best you can do is to follow the advice you’ve already been given. Take it slowly! Really slowly. The programme will work on your stamina and endurance. Even the brisk walking helps!

The first run is the hardest. You’ve done it once, so you can do it again 😀 The battle is in your head! Tell yourself you can do it and you will be fine. It does get easier.

Get into good habits with your hydration and stretches; you’ve already been given the links. Follow all that great advice, think positive and get out there and smash Run 2! (Slowly!) 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️👍

yes i do the hydration and stretches... i think they must have helped... thanks as ever :-)

Nice rainbow DTC. Best of luck with your next run. Just take it slow and steady and you’ll be fine. It will be worth it for the sense of achievement when you’ve finished. Onwards and upwards!🙂👍

thank you so much, yes, as jools says, i guess it must be in my head...' i am a tortoise, i am a tortoise, i am a tortoise...'

i know you're all right, i must convince myself its going to be alright, a push maybe, but i will win... i usually do, why not with this... yes, come on me... get with the programme!


You can definitely do it! Slow right down, you really can’t run slow enough, and try to stay in the moment. We used the Japanese slow jogging technique (have a look online!) and it transformed the whole experience for us. I have wretched asthma, and was huffing and puffing and not enjoying it, but slowing right down completely changed the experience and now we’ve just started the Magic Plan having graduated in September. You can do it! Good luck 🤞🏽👍🏻

yes i saw that japanese video- fascinating. really inspired me x


Love a rainbow dying-to-change 🙂 so you know can do this 💪we all know you can do it, so get those trainers laced up, slowly as you want get out there and run👍..... You know you want to 🥳 we'll be here waiting for you on your return!

i have always loved rainbows. since i was....as young as i can remember. they follow me about. i am always seeing them on my travels. x


If you have read the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... and follow the advice on pacing, stretching and hydration, then you will be fine.

We limit ourselves by telling ourselves that we will not be able to achieve certain challenges and this is addressed in this post about mental approach healthunlocked.com/couchto5... which many have found useful.

Your body will adapt and transform itself in response to the challenge.........so believe it.

thank you. yes, it's not how i am with other mental approaches in life, i am a positive spirit, it seems to be just that i have always told myself i could never run since a bad incident at school. i guess its time to wipe the slate clean and ... prove myself wrong. its just a ghost now.

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to dying-to-change

Please read the posts.

have read two of them. will read the other. thanks


You can do this !

Just trust the program, it will work .

All you need to do is go out if the door and start 😁

You could even take it slower !

Remember, you want to aim for a pace where you could hold a conversation without gasping for breath , when you are running , this will put you at around 75% of your max heart rate.

Slow really is the the key to this !

Take your time , you have done it once you can do it again .


thank you so much for that encouraging post, x


Stay with it; keep it slow; and try to visualise that big uplift in mood ... priceless.

thanks gail x

this forum really is invaluable isn't it? i am sorry to use it quite so much but initially i think i will need to! :-D


Turn that fear into excitement and focus on how elated you felt at the end of your first run and how even more elated you’ll feel again. There’s no reason you’ll get injured, if you’re doing everything correctly and remembering to run at a snails pace....pacing yourself is so important and ensures you’ve got plenty left in the tank to finish. Couch to 5k is hard when you begin, it’s a shock to the system, your putting new demands on your body.... if it was easy everyone would be doing it...but your body is more than capable of meeting these demands. If you want to change your life badly enough, which your name suggests you do....you will, you’ll become stubborn and determined. Here’s a trick I used to use....next time your out there, banish ALL thoughts from your mind and focus on what your actually doing....if a thought enters into your mind, visualise an eraser ✏️ rubbing it out and blowing it away....try it, you’ll be surprised, it does work.

Now....come on, be strong, get out there and get it done....I’m already looking forward to your next post entitled ‘I Did It!!’ 💪🏻

a brilliant reply, thanks x


I felt the same as you at the start, kept postponing the first run. You’ve already completed it! In the program the following run is just a little bit more than the one you’ve just finished. If you’re having doubts just get out the door and see how it goes. I started c25k in June and now run 5k twice a week and 10k once a week, and really enjoying it, so anything’s possible.Take it very slowly and always have the rest day between runs. Take two days off if you have any painful niggles.

All the best with your journey.

thank you so so much for that kind and thoughtful reply x


Just pace yourself! Remember thousands of us have tested the program just for you so you can start each run KNOWING it’s possible. We will also pick you up if you stumble, cheer you over the finishing line and and everything in between. Go!! You will do this.

you're lovely, thank you


You've done run 1. You know you can do that. Run 2 is identical. Lace up and get out.


i have to do errands now so i will do them, come back in a few hours , then do the run, and report back on how it went :-)

It does get easier. Keep going. You can do it.

that is just what i needed to read. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


You really can do this! Stay positive. Slow and steady wins the race. Do dynamic stretching before you head out especially now because it’s getting colder and plenty stretching after.

Good luck 😊👍

Thanks so much I will!

i just walked about 5000 paces according to my thingie... i think i will rest a bit before doing my run... and do something else... read some more posts etc... have a roll (i don't mean in the hay, though that might burn off some more calories)... study more... put on my running shoes (amen)....while i was out i saw shed loads of runners and one was a very very large woman going very slowly and i nearly cried i was so happy for her for doing it... i hope she is proud of herself <3 she kicked arse! x

Hi - I totally get where you’re coming from. You can do this! I’ve just started the programme again and am two runs in, so I’m right in your boat! Just picture the beautiful rainbows - we can do this!! Xx

oh yes we can... x


If you were on your knees d-t-c I suspect you were trying to go too fast! Slow down, even if you feel you can walk faster than your running speed. You will speed up eventually but slow is what you need just now. And lots of hydration! Have a look at the Japanese Slow Running clip on YouTube- it’s bonkers but it works! Good luck and enjoy yourself!

thank you! x a good point well made


Think of it this way :)

If all us graduates had thought we "could run" we would not have felt the need for a programme like this :)

We did C25K for various motives but the same reason - "can't run but want to run" :)

Believe me - I've often said if we had a "Most unlikely to end up graduating based on day one performance" competition, there would be a hell of a lot of valid competitors for it :)

Read the newby posts of Grads and you will see what I mean :)

Slow...and slower still.

Graduate in your own time - took me about 16 weeks five years ago and in a week or so now I'm attempting a full marathon.

NEVER run on a rest day, seriously. I still don't run two days in a row, other grads might but I won't risk it :)

Read all the good "real world" advice here :)

It's a hackneyed phrase but genuinely true that if I and others here could do it - so can you :)

And yes - it does become great fun. Not the easiest fun - but definitely some of the best ever :)

Wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

A caring and excellent reply , not to mention kind x thank you

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to dying-to-change

I look forward to reading your graduation post dtc :)

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