Struggle today

Hi all, this is my first post. I am 40 and fat and unfit, but i can change two of those!! I am on my first day of week two and i really struggled. That exta 30 seconds seem an eternity. I just xould not do the 4th run and i only did about 40 seconds of the 5th run. Im doing it in the gym.i think im gonna do the next run outside..๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ any advice is welcome. Thanks C


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  • Hi Claireo. Welcome. 6 weeks ago I started and struggled to run for 1 minute. Repeat a day until you are ok and can do it. You will - I didn't believe it but stick to the programme it really works. I am now up to 20mins which I didn't think would ever be me. I love it. I almost feel like a runner and look forward to my runs. Feel better and my jeans are loose!! Good luck. You can do this xx

  • Thanks michlou65. I am feeling very determined. I dont care that im slow..i am faster than when i was sat on the sofa..i think i might do this day again and complete it 100%

  • You will. Don't rush. It's not about speed at this point. Just get out there and do it. I repeated day 1 twice before I moved on x

  • You've answered your own post. You'll get it next time no problem! Nice and slow, remember.

  • Thank you.

  • Slow and steady and keep repeating that when you are running. I've just completed week 2 and am totally amazed as I struggled run 1 but run 3 I breezed it. I can't believe how quick your body gets used to it. It's mind over matter also but remember slow and steady.

  • Thats true... i could not even run for 30 seconds 3 weeks ago. So any improvment is an achievement. Cx

  • I think lots of us feel like that at the beginning, but just going and trying beats sitting on the couch any day of the week! Try a run outside but keep it slow, you'll find it hard to leave yourself after the treadmill and I speak from experience! Onwards and ever forwards...

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