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week 8R1 cream crackered update

Hello people, hope you all still have loose legs . monday evening , i finally get home at 2230 . There aint no way im in the mood for a jog , but i grab the bull by the goolies, straightaway get changed and get out and on with it . Go to activate app on the phone and the bloody thing has reset the app after update[bloody annoying]. now i have no evidence on my phone for completing c25k , i was looking forward to reviewing it all at the end . any way done the 1st run and i think my breathing working at last . 28 minutes went ok just over 3k and felt good, only 5 runs left and ive done it cant wait for next friday nite

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Grrrrr! Don't you just love technology 😩 No matter, you know you've run them so a big well done. Not long to go now, getting exciting 🤗

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Well that's dedication ... I really think you've got the bug!!!

I wouldn't worry about the tech not working, us runners are trustworthy folk and you would only be cheating yourself. Why not make a manual entry and then move onto the next run.

Well done :-)

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Well done you. That's commitment. Poor bull though... :)


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