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Great to be back and a surprise 5K!

It has been 2 months since my last run so it was great to get back into it this morning. For the last couple of months I have had this horrendous cold with a chest infection and a hacking cough that everyone else seemed to get around Christmas (I thought I had escaped but sadly not). I finally felt well enough to attempt a run today. In my head I wanted to do 2 x 10 minute intervals to ease myself back in, see how my chest would feel and to see how much fitness I had lost.

I was pleasantly surprised as I felt great after my 1st 10 minute interval and decided that rather than double back I would loop round a housing estate which I knew would be longer. I walked 1 minute and then set up my 2nd 10 minute interval. This went well and I thought "I know what, I'll go for a 7 minute interval" so I extended my run a bit more. As I had run an extra 7 minutes I once again did a 1 minute walk and then promptly ran for a 2nd 7 minute interval. By this point I was starting to get tired and knew that I needed to head towards home. I felt like I had slowed down although my pace was consistent according to Strava and I wasn't really paying any attention to how fast I was going as all I wanted to do was concentrate on finishing without collapsing in a coughing fit! That last 7 minutes dragged on for an eternity and I was passed by a 6ft tall man with legs up to my shoulders it seemed and who leisurely jogged by with a dog whilst I was puffing and panting with a beetroot red face!

I am so proud of myself as when I checked Strava at the end I had covered 5k without even expecting to and my pace was consistent (I deliberately went slow).

It's so good to be back!

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I have almost the same tale, 6 weeks off (except for one run) in Canada and then caught a cold just before returning which left me with a chest infection that is just clearing up two weeks later. I'm still not 100% so I had my head over a bowl of steam before and after to ease my chest but while I was running the first 2 k I felt good, all the exercise skiing in Canada paid off as my pace was much faster and effortless. I started to breathe heavily and my throat was sore on the the 3rd km so walked a bit, ran another 500m then called it a day.

I was worried that the work I'd put in getting to 5k would have dissipated so I'm really glad that it looks good for when I've shifted this chest infection completely.


Well done AM! Good that you are back!


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