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I think you were right about over doing it

Few days ago I posted I was running 5k in 40 mins. A few people commented this was too much of a leap. Yesterday I failed my first run I could only run for ten mins then had to walk the rest. I felt sick and my upper leg area and groin hurt a lot 😢😢

I tried again and ran 4K in 32 mins I was so worried I had ruined everything!

Hopefully just a bad day.

Last weeks vlog is live on YouTube I had a problem with it early this week so it was late.

This weeks vlog explaining the fail of yesterday will hopefully be up tomorrow. You can subscribe to my channel via YouTube if you would like to follow a fellow beginner runners journey


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You didn't fail, when you go out it is a win. We all have good days and bad days. So it was a bad day... You've moved on and you'll have a good day soon. Remember our bodies do amazing things but all need a little TLC sometimes.

Take it easy, and well done for getting out there.

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Thanks I'm just glad it never happened to me during the c25k

I think I'm missing the app 😢

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I like you thought the app gave me super human powers, but it doesn't it's all you. Just take it slow and steady

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I really enjoy you vlog!

Couple of things:

Spend a few weeks consolidating your 30 min runs - at least a month, depending on what you were like pre C25K. You can keep repeating wk 9 if you wish:)

Have a look at the C25K+ podcasts.


Never increase your runs by more than 10% of your weekly total - so it's good you only did one 40 min run, not 3! 😉

Parkrun? You will NEVER be left on your own to walk home last. 😀 There is a tail walker who volunteers to be last, and they will stay with you at whatever speed you want - they'll talk to you, if you want, or not if you don't!

I've done the Chester Parkrun, it's such a lovely course, great variety of terrain.

You run in a beautiful area!



I might give my self a few weeks before I brave a park run.

Thanks for the link everyone keeps talking about the podcasts I had no idea how to find and download them. Will be checking that out for next run. Xx


Easy to over do it and easy to correct it for next time. It was just a practice one and you'll be fab next time

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