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There is light at the end of the Week 6 tunnel!!!

WAHAY!!!!! Just back from Week 6 Run 3 and it was the best yet!!

Was dreading it after 2 rubbish outings this week and woke up with sore hips and a bit of a locked back. Realised I can't really go for a run this afternoon and would rather not go tomorrow. I run best in the morning so thought "why not?"

Best decision I made. Got overtaken by a super-fit looking girl speed walking and, instead of feeling down about how I'd just been overtaken by someone walking when I was running, I just thought "Lucky thing. She's on her warm-up walk. She won't look that good in a few minutes!!"

So, stick with it!! It's going to get better and now, according to Sarah Millican, I'm a runner!!!!

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