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Lost running Mojo

I completed the couch to 5k 15 months ago and had the running bug, completed regular 3k and 5k runs and completed some runs for charity, then I sprained the ligaments in my ankle and have never managed to get my running mojo back. Am going to start at the beginning as the weight is beginning to creep on and feeling lethargic!

Any tips you can share, I have had my gait analysis done and bought some new trainers now.

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Best - very best - advice of all amongst the the genuinely brilliant advice that got me to graduation and beyond is :

Just go out the front door in your running gear every Running day.

After that - the hardest bit of all - the rest will follow, be it running or finally deciding it's not something you honestly want to do. (It's far too easy to decide you don't want to do it INSIDE the house :) )

Best wishes for many happy miles in your renewal :)

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You know you can do it and you know it's fun and you know it's good for you! And really you want to get back into it - otherwise you wouldn't have posted here😈 So lace on those new shoes, fire up week 1 run 1 and head out. You may surprise yourself with your residual fitness. But take it slow and steady - you don't want another injury. Good luck!


Go for it. Losing mojo is weird - why does it happen? It did to me after graduating then one day i just got iut there, redid from W1 and have re-graduated. So glad I did but I wish I knew why I lost it in first place?


I think it happens to a LOT of people.. you have the ' goal' of completing the course... once its over , its easy to flounder a bit like a headless chicken... ( well its easy for me to do that at any time tbh) I think its great for you to go back and restart .. keep us unformed how its going?


I've done the whole podcast three times now and think I may be doing it a fourth. I've not had injuries but other things have got in the way - work mainly! :-( and I've been out more on my mountain bike in readiness for Scotland. My advice is get your podcast back on and go for it - when you do, you will be so glad you did.


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