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Advice needed please

Evening all. I did the whole programme last year and got to regularly running 5k in about 38 mins ( slow I know) due to my scleroderma my feet fell apart over the winter and I was only able to manage a few runs inside on the treadmill. Now lacking motivation but equally knowing I will feel better and having re gained the weight I lost I want to start again but where to start? I know I don't need to start at week 1 but I think I know I'm not at week 9 as well. Any ideas?

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Why not start off with a nice steady 10 minutes and see how you feel. If you can go further then carry on and if not then build up in five minute chunks.


I restarted at week 4 having run intermittently over the winter. Worked my way back up to the programme. It was great to have the sense of achievement the programme gives you. 🌻🌻

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Start by going out for a run. When you can't run any more, walk for a bit, then run again. Look at your watch. See roughly what intervals you are doing.


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