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Slowly getting back there

Second time at running club, still slow but felt better than last week. But my calves are really tightening despite the stretching and warm up - didn't have this trouble when I started programme. Any useful tips gratefully received as it's frustrating me. They feel tight all the time not just when running but it worsens on the run.


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Thanks Dave really useful will try increasing daily stretching !


It sounds like your muscles are already very tight so you need to loosen them properly. You need to be stretching your calves regularly. Heel dips on the stairs is great!

A foam roller used regularly is really good too, lots of Youtube clips to tell you how to use it.

If in doubt see a sports physio to get a professional opinion and some manipulation.

Always stretch after runs.

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Thank you, strange that I did not have issue previously but since I had to stop they've got bad.... I will get back slowly thanks for the advice.


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