I wondered why I was feeling low, now I know!😫

Yes, have been feeling "off" only just feeling like getting out for some short runs, and then getting an intermittent dull burning pain in the lower abdomen, (which has now subsided on it's own accord) so had bloods & urine tested and turns out to be a urinary tract infection (uti) doc today prescribed a weeks course of antibiotics and says it could be what's making me feel low.

Anyway, will try to keep up with the short runs and hope to be back to normal soon..😊


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23 Replies

  • Look after yourself and hope you start to feel better very soon

  • Only run if you feel like it don't make things worse. Keep hydrated!

  • They are little blighters UTI's. Look after yourself and get better, protect your kidneys by keeping hydrated and flushing it out your system. I let one go on too long once and it went to my kidneys, never gain 😳.

  • And you recently donated one of your kidneys, hope all's going well😊

  • We are both doing fine thank you. I have to even more careful with things like that now but I learnt a bitter lesson with my UTI/Kidney infection last time, it was after a HM when I got dehydrated and didn't stop for a loo break, never again will I make that mistake. The tablets kick it into touch really fast which helps. Take care.

  • UTIs are really not nice Dave, look after yourself👍🏼

  • I'm glad you got to the bottom of it Dave, hope you feel better soon :-) xxx

  • Really hope you feel better soon Dave.🙂

  • You might drink some barley water as it's good for the waterworks. Robinsons is good but other brands are available. I like it with boiling water in as well. Hot lemon! Lovely ice cold too.

    I hope you'll feel 100% soon!

  • Thanks for the tip MW😊x

  • Hope you feel better soon - keep up the fluids.

  • Sorry to hear that you have been feeling unwell. Rest up and get better soon! :)

  • Get well soon Dave x

  • Sounds horrible Dave. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Hope you feel better real soon.

  • Hope you get back on track soon Dave, and the uti should clear soon with medication.

  • Glad you know what ails you Dave... horrid though. Take the antibiotics and take it steady...they will be fighting the infection, so don't over do it :)

    I agree with misswobble , barley water and lots of water too, to get,as Realfoodieclub says, that system cleared:)

    Big hugs to you, ( gentle ones though) x

  • Morning floss 🤗 Beautiful day.

  • It is :)

    Good morning, you x

    Just heading home from the coast today.. but had a glorious early morning run yesterday! Hope you're okay:)

  • Hope you feel better soon.

  • I learned the barley water trick from a midwife 🙂

  • lt always scares me,when l here someone,like yourself Dave with uti; my wife is at risk on going on dialysis for kidneys.l always drink plenty( sometimes l over do it, take it easy Dave,get better soon,Stevy.

  • Stevy, I'm always drinking throughout the day, sorry to hear about your wife, I hope she recovers soon.

    Thanks for your comment.

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