A bad run and don't know why?

Anyone else have one of these pop up out of the blue? After graduating in June and getting my 5k down from 32mins to 27mins I have been enjoying running so much it's become quite an addiction lol. However out of the blue today I started out feeling great but half way through something just started to feel wrong and I had to stop at 4.05k. Don't know what it was possibly the heat or the fact that I ran at 3pm and usually run in the evenings. Anyway it's a bit poo and I'm hoping it doesn't happen again on Thurs :(


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  • I have had that the odd time. The way I got over it was, as with most things running related, get back out there at your next run time. I was fine!

    The answer to most questions, pain aside, seems to be more miles!

  • Graduated in June and if this is the first bad run you have had I have to say count yourself one of the lucky ones. Every runner gets them now and again most of the time like yourself for no good reason. Just put it behind you and look forward to the next run with a positive mind set. Happy running.

  • You have my sympathies Emma. Just had the same experience about 10 minutes ago! I am only on week 4 though, and just completed the 3 rd run. Up 'til now I have managed week 4 without too much bother. I've been a bit puffed but pretty much okay. At 55 and a beginner I was fairly chuffed with my progress, too chuffed to soon I think! I couldn't do the last 5 minute run today. I felt absolutely exhausted and no way could I oush myself to complete it. The 7 minute walk home was a challenge.

    It's hot and I have had a hard day at work. I also had a a coffee about an hour before I ran. I think it could be all of the above, but am surprised it was so bad. I am going to take Smickers advice though and just get out agin in a couple of days and just hope the next one is easier. Think I might repeat this run though before moving on to week 5. Good luck on Thursday.

  • Thanks all Isn't it strange how a bad run can make you feel so deflated when in the grand scheme of things it doesn't mean much. Anyways I shall go out on Thurs with twice the determination :) Best of luck to you too Lizzie sounds like you are doing amazingly well so far I am sure the next run will be easier for us both

  • Just to let you know I did week 5 run 1 this morning. Nae bother, so I am back to being chuffed ! Hope you are back up to speed too!

  • Hi lizziebeth. Fab News :) I too seem to have my mojo back and made my normal 5k time yesterday eve. You are on the home straight now that last week 9 run is an amazing feeling :) :)

  • And remember how you would have felt a few months ago if you'd managed to run 4.05k - sometimes I think we can forget just how far we've all come

  • The change in time of day is probably the culprit, the only time I have failed to finish a run was down to running at lunchtime rather than evening. The heat is too much for me during the day at the minute.

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