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Week 4 and struggling


Just completed first session on week 4 but couldn't do last 5 min run, so did 1min running followed by 1 min walking and repeated for 5 mins. Hopefully will build this up.

Question is do I have to complete 3 sessions fully before moving on to week 5?

Also one of my ankles has started to ache which is causing problems in last run. Any ideas if this is normal?


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I have a tendency to get a pain in one of my ankles and find that if I stretch before the run and massage my calf/ankle and do a few calf raises on the stairs to get the blood flowing it helps. Don't know if there's any science to it or just some sort of placebo effect. In terms of being able to finish try slowing down - that's how I get through my runs.


You still completed most of the podcast so that should be celebrated. As nervous newbie said slowing down will be the best way to go. I've just started week 4 as well and the last 5 minutes was difficult, so I had to slow down. As to the shin pain I get it too.


Hiya I must admit my first run of wk 4 I struggled with the 1st 3 min run and had to stop for 3 secs but started again and managed the rest of the runs with no problem - was worried it'd be the same for 2nd run but kept repeating I can do this :-) slow it down but keep going, you'll do it.


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