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Knee pain - any advice?


I graduated C25K a week ago and did my 3rd consolidator run this morning but I’ve developed a pain in my left knee at the bottom of the cap on the inner side. I only managed 23 mins this morning because of it. How should I manage it. Stop and rest for a week 😞 Ibruprofen? Strap it? Any advice welcome. I was really enjoying the running so it is frustrating. Thank you 🙏

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Rest, ice it, and if in doubt, always see a medic. Get well soon x


Just noticed your username. Brilliant writer ! Which is your favourite of her novels ?

She is my favourite. I’ve been collecting her books as first editions. My favourite is cotillion as I love that the hero is kind rather than a cliched alpha male. It’s also very funny!

ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to GeorgetteHeyer

That’s one of mine too. I think my number one is A Civil Contract - being plain myself, I really feel for Jenny, and I love the way she finds her way in spite of everything 😀

OldgirlrunsGraduate in reply to GeorgetteHeyer

Good grief, I’d forgotten about GH, she was a fave of my mother’s. I shall have to have another read - it must be 40 years since I last read Cotillion!!

Definitely go for a re-read. They are like literary comfort blankets. My ‘go to’ when I need a break


Maybe have a few rest days and some ibuprofen if it continues get yourself some knee supports . 😊

Thank you - I think that’s my plan


Rest, strengthening work, and possibly a Knee support for a little while once back. Hope it heals fast.

Thank you

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