Chronic illness

I have a chronic illness that when it flares up it causes the worst fatigue. My run on weds took it out of me so much I ended up in bed at 9:30 (I never go before 11:30). I;m thinking to do my run in the morning tomorrow, while I still have some energy. Does anyone else have this problem and what do you do to overcome it? I don't want to fall behind on the programme :(


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  • Sort of. I have a chronic pain condition which I've learnt to more or less manage. I got through the program alright but am finding it difficult to do as much as I would like at te mo. Take the time you need. The program will still be there. Lots of people take longer than 9 weeks for lots of reasons.

  • I am blessed to not have a chronic illness, so I cannot comment on the specifics. However I say 'listen to your body' is more important than 'I must finish this week's running'. Go easy on yourself, take a day (or two) off. Running will still be there for you in a few days. Hope that you feel stronger soon.

  • Don't worry about falling behind on the program. You do whatever you need to do for your body. Sometimes that might mean running less, shorter distances or scaling back. That's all okay. I have a few chronic health issues and my running waxes and wanes, not only with my health, but seasonally, what my schedule is like, etc. Life happens, the important thing is to keep getting out there as you can.

  • It may be that to accommodate more activity, other aspects of your life will need to be adjusted. I'd hate to suggest your life should be organised around your running (it was seeing that that put me off ever trying) but small tweaks may make a big overall difference - to the running and your wellbeing more generally.

    I spend most of my life tucked up in bed ('cos if I don't I arrive at a point where I *can't* get out of bed and can't even ask someone to help me) and generally I think of myself as more of a morning person but as runswithdogs says, that can fluctuate in terms of when it suits best to run, so yes, give it a try... I've been really startled by how well early evening running can work for me.

    Needing to go to bed earlier than 11.30 may not be a bad thing...

  • 11.30! Crikey! That's late! Running is tiring so get more sleep! πŸ™‚

  • Running IS tiring, I was an insomniac all my life, never getting more than 4 - 6 hours a night, and usually up with the sun at 4 AM in summer, but now I'm a runner I just sleep and sleep! Usually 9 hours a night these days!

    Some runs take it out of you more than others too, as has been said already listen to your body....are you eating/drinking enough to fuel your runs?

  • Thanks everyone. Running this morning helped. Wasn't easy but at least I had the energy, I have none now haha but I don't need any. The thing is, when I have work, I cant run before work because I just cant get up early enough to run, bathe and then ghet my son to school on time. Hmm... I'll figure it out!

  • For some reason my computer has gone weird and I can't see anyone else's replies to this.

    I have a similar kind of illness, and when I am too fatigued I either (a) just stay away from running for a little while or (b) run in the morning when I've got the energy in the knowledge that I will have to lie down for the afternoon/evening and let my boys do the cooking/clearing up etc. Needless to say, I often opt for Option (b)! Just listen to your body and do what you know you've gotta do :)

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