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Week 8

So I started week 8 on Sunday. As I told you before I became cocky so I was able to run for 40 minutes ( 4.7 km). Unfortunately I got cold so I think the next day I will be able to run is Friday. It's going to be 4 days rest. Do you guys think I will be alright? Will I be able to run this at least 28 minutes? I know you can run with head cold but I am so blocked I cannot breath:( so don't really think I can run. Specially when it's really windy in Edinburgh. Any words that will make me feel better?

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Wear a buff or scarf over your mouth (for the wind) and breathe through your mouth (for the blocked nose)

Alternatively give it a miss until your nose is cleared 😕


Thank you :) I will go tomorrow and try but somehow I cannot see myself running with this blocked nose:) maybe it will get better till tomorrow :(


Probably wise. The running will be waiting for you when you are ready again.

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