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Bring it on week 9!!

I completed week 8 this morning.....still struggling with my "fat runner's heel" but double supported it....really didn't want to go out but forced myself......best run yet!! Got to 28 minutes and when laura told me to stop I actually ignored her....ooops....but I needed to get to the end of the road I was on for some unknown psychological reasons!!! I ended up running for 31 minutes!!!! Warm up and warm down walks included meant I covered 5.3km....and I ran continuously for 3.8 km......who'd have thought when I started this in January a fat bird like me would've covered theses distances......it really does work....bring it on week 9.......although it'll probably take 2 weeks to complete....ha ha

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Well done! It's amazing what we can do if we but try 😃 Good luck for week nine. Slow but sure 🙂🏃‍♀️

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Well done. I did similar on week 8 as had to get ahead as w9 r3 was a 5k sponsored run.

Keep it up and enjoy !

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