A year ago today I started the NHS Couch to 5K programme. Week 1 involved 60second runs which I struggled to do. A year on I'm now completing the Bridge to 10K, running for an hour and still amazed every time I lace up my trainers.

If you don't think you can do it I disagree ! It's an amazing programme. I recommend it and the support forum, the people on here are amazing too.

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  • happy runniversary EJ :D

  • Thank you :)

  • Happy runniversary!!! Mine too soon!!!! Xx

  • Exciting - we've come so far !

  • Congratulations

  • Thank you !

  • Congratulations on your runniversary and here's to another running year injury free and memorable.

  • Thank you , here's hoping !

  • Many congratulations EJ! I remember - probably i was on W5 or W6 when you popped up! Sounds like you're going great guns and, most importantly, loving it still - a runner for life by all accounts!

    Wishing you many many many years of cool runnings :-)

  • Yes I'd hidden it for the first 4 weeks , didn't tell anyone - now I bore on about it!

    Thank you :)

  • Happy runniversary!!! Sounds like your still enjoying it and here's to many more runniversaries!

  • thank you :)

  • Woo Hoo Birdy ! Here have a balloon :-)

    Happy, Happy 1st Runniversary to you and here's to many more .

    Chin , Chin Dahling and pass the Bolly ! :-) xxx

  • wey hey - hic!

    thankyou :)

  • Happy Runniversary :)

  • thankyou :)

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